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Meet Lydia-Veterinary Technician Student

By February 25, 2016 Clinic news

We have really enjoyed having Lydia working with us for the past 4 weeks. She is studying to become a veterinary technician and she’s completing her final year at Northern College. As part of their training, each student must attend a placement for a minimum of 40 hours before graduating in order to gain valuable hands-on experience. Lydia’s had an opportunity to assist with X-rays, anesthesia, laboratory work and animal nursing while here. She even helped with managing Zeta’s diet. Lydia weighed Zeta today, and we’re sorry to say she hasn’t lost any more weight. Zeta is, however, staying stable at 5.6kg. Royal Canin’s SlimFit program suggests that we reduce her caloric intake by 5% which means she’ll get 47 grams of food per day instead of 50. We’ll weigh her again in 2 weeks to see how she’s doing.


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