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March 2015

Wellness plans….Coming soon!

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We all want the absolute best for our pets, and that includes offering them the best medicine possible. Here at Scott Veterinary Clinic, we recognize that sometimes cost is a huge barrier to being able to give our pets all the health care they deserve.

That is why we are in the process of developing wellness plans for dogs and cats. These plans will enable you to do ALL of the recommended yearly preventative testing and treatments at a discounted rate. This will include your annual exam, vaccinations, heartworm/parasite testing, annual blood work, heartworm/flea/tick prevention, and complimentary sick pet examinations. You will also be able to pay in monthly installments.

For less than the price of a coffee a day, can you afford not to look into this? Ask us about how to sign up!

Concerned about Lyme disease?

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Heartworm season is just around the corner and this year Scott Veterinary Clinic is offering a new type of heartworm test called the Idexx 4DX Plus.


As well as testing for heartworm, this test will also identify five tick borne diseases including Lyme disease, two types of Anaplasma and two types of Ehrlichia.

These diseases can cause a variety of clinical signs including fever, arthritis, kidney failure, anemia and bleeding disorders. The scary thing about these is that they are zoonotic which means they can also cause disease in humans. The good news is we can run the test during the appointment so you will have the results before you go home.

With the rising number of ticks in our area, we thought this was a great value added test for you!

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Clinic Renovations!

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Did you know that Scott Veterinary Clinic was built in 1969? Although well built and designed, the years are starting to show on our beloved practice. That is why we have decided to start giving the clinic a facelift! This will be a long term venture as we continue to update and upgrade the appearance of the clinic to match the level of service that we strive to offer on a day to day basis.
Some of our plans are to update the reception area and examination rooms, making them more cat friendly and exotic friendly. We hope to add a new x-ray machine along with new exotic, dog, and cat wards for boarding and hospitalized patients. We also plan to update some of the less visible areas in the practice. Check in here to keep up to date on the newest changes throughout the clinic.