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Holiday Hazards

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The holidays always bring lots of cheer but there can be hidden hazards everywhere. We need to be vigilant to have a safe holiday, especially for our pets.
Who doesn’t love a beautifully decorated tree? We cannot stress enough to be very careful with choosing decorations. Garland and tinsel can he hazardous to cats and dogs. Cats and dogs love to play with ribbon, tinsel or garland and may chew and swallow it. If they consume it, it can become deadly trying to wind it’s way through the intestines. Glass ornaments can be a hazard if cats bat at them and they fall and break, or if dogs bite them and they break. They can cause cuts and potentially be a problem if ingested. The watering container for trees should be covered so your pets can’t drink from it. The water could contain fertilizer from the tree, or germs that may cause illness. Trees should be well anchored to prevent a rambunctious puppy or climbing kitty from knocking it over causing injury.
Chocolate can be hazardous as well. Milk chocolate contains “theobromine” which works very much like caffeine. Unsweetened or baker’s chocolate has approximately 8 times the amount. Too much caffeine can have detrimental effects on the heart. Even if your pet eats a non-toxic amount of chocolate it may cause diarrhea, vomiting and possible pancreatitis. If you put a wrapped box of chocolates under the tree be very careful that your dog can’t sniff them out and get into them.
If you think your pet has ingested chocolate, or anything else that could potentially be toxic, call your veterinarian right away, or Pet Poison Control at 1-855-764-7661.  This is an American website.  Fees apply. 
Food: Small amounts of turkey or ham are usually not a problem, but can be if ingested in large amounts. Vomiting and diarrhea can results, and in some cases can turn into a nasty case of pancreatitis. The turkey carcass and/or bones discarded in the trash are always a danger so be sure to dispose of them safely. Cooked bones splinter easily and can cause an obstruction or perforation of the intestines.
Electrical cords for Christmas lights are always a concern, too. Pets biting them can receive a nasty shock or burn. Be sure they aren’t hanging loose anywhere that your pet may get a hold of them.
Poinsettia plants, contrary to popular belief are not toxic to cats and dogs. They can, however, cause irritation to the mouth and stomach if eaten. Mistletoe can be toxic, depending on the type. Some are similar to the Poinsettia in nature while some can cause severe illness. It’s difficult to know which type is which so it’s best to avoid mistletoe altogether.
Having guests over can be stressful for our pets, too. If you have cats that never go outside you may want to make all your guests aware of this, and to watch for escapees if the doors are opened frequently. Putting cats in a safe, quiet room is a good idea. Dogs may need a quiet spot away from guests where they can feel safe. If your dog is extra nervous with the activities there are a number of different remedies to help calm your pet during this potentially stressful time. Let us know if you think your pet may benefit from a little help.
If you have any questions about possible hazards don’t hesitate to call us. We want everyone’s holiday time to be safe and happy!

We’re Taking a Step Back…..

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We are going to modify how we are having clients come into the building with their pets.
For the time being we are taking a step back and the receptionist will come out to collect your pet for the exam portion of the visit while you wait in your vehicle.
Once the exam is done you will be brought into an exam room in the clinic and the doctor will talk to you directly about her findings. You will enter and exit the exam room from the doors on each side of the building.
The front door will continue to be locked. The waiting room is off limits for now because of the extensive cleaning and disinfecting that needs to be done each time someone leaves the building. The exam rooms are completely cleaned and disinfected between clients to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Due to room availability you may not be able to come into the clinic at all.
Masks are mandatory.
We are very sorry for any confusion and of course any disappointment over these changes. It is extremely important to us to keep everyone safe.
Thank you and stay safe.
Exam Room

Update on Renovations

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Interior renovations are pretty well finished.  Everything is looking great and our work space is now far more efficient and cheerier.


Treatment room

Our treatment room is where we spend most of our time doing surgery prep, dentistries and procedures such as nail trims.

We have two exams rooms with one for dogs and the other for cats to help make their visits here as stress free as possible.

Feline exam room

Feline Exam Room


We also have separate wards now for our hospitalized feline, canine and exotic patients and boarders to help make their stay with us as stress free as possible.


Cat Ward


We have pictures everywhere, many of them being our very own patients: mammals, reptiles and birds. We love them all.


If you’d like to have a closer look at what we’ve done with the clinic please feel free to stop in. Our staff would love to show you around.

Renovations have started again!

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Our contractors are at it again! We are undergoing the next phase of our hospital overhaul. We are very excited to have reached this stage of our renovations. We are improving the existing surgery suite and have purchased a new patient warming system as well as a brand new dental machine. In the treatment room/ prep area we are insulating and drywalling, adding new cabinets and installing a new prep/procedure tub/table. Spookie will be acting as foreman for this phase of the rebuild and she will be providing updates as we progress.

Renovations are coming along nicely!

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The renos continue! The contractor is finally in the home stretch. These are just a few examples of what’s been happening.  There’s still lots to do but everything is finally coming together. We had fun drawing pictures on the walls of each ward before painting them!

Cat Ward

Cat Ward

Dog Kennels and Bathtub

Dog Kennels and Bathtub

Lab on the right, wards on the left. Dog ward straight ahead.

Lab on the right, wards on the left. Dog ward straight ahead.

The renos continue

Crystal painting

Exotics ward

Exotics Ward


Animal Pictures in frames

Gallery of Distinction

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Dr. Lee is a true visionary when it comes to decorating the clinic. One of our favourite things is the Gallery of Distinction. We have pictures hanging in the waiting room and hallways, and eventually will have them in both exam rooms. Actually, they’ll be just about everywhere! If you have a special picture of your pet that you’d like to see hanging up please let us know


Esam room 1

Exam room renovations

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The clinic renovations are coming along. If you’ve been in during the past month you already know that the girls have been hard at work painting the exam rooms and hallways. Our construction crew has replaced the trim and added beautiful wainscoting along the hallways and in the exam rooms.  New cupboards have been ordered and should be installed shortly. Feel free to come in and have a look anytime!


impromed infinity logo

New Veterinary Software!

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We are proud to announce that we have recently introduced a new veterinary software program at Scott Veterinary Clinic, called Impromed Infinity. The addition of this program means that the written files that you are used to seeing will soon disappear. The veterinarians and staff will now be using the computer exclusively for invoicing, record keeping, and organizing the various areas of the clinic.

We have been using this software program for 2 weeks now and would like to thank you in advance for your patience and for bearing with us while we learn to navigate our way through this robust program. Before you know it we’ll be whizzes! In the end we will save a few trees by being almost paperless and we will be more efficient by having your pet’s records all in one location which can be easily located with the click of a mouse!