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Another Fractured Fawn

By June 19, 2023 Working With Wildlife

June 14, 2023

We were fortunate enough to have time at the end of our busy day for Dr. Lee to see this fawn that had been hit by a car. As suspected the fawn’s tibia was broken and fortunately appeared to be a good candidate for surgery.  We determined that the fawn’s pelvis was intact, so apart from some cuts and scrapes this appeared to be the only serious injury.

Dr. Grant Scherer from Paris Veterinary Clinic made room in his busy schedule and we made plans to do the surgery the next day (June 15th) here at Scott Veterinary Clinic. 

With the help of our staff and two veterinary students who came with Dr. Scherer, he was able to plate the leg with no unexpected difficulties. The fawn did great under general anesthesia.

The post-op x-rays show that the bone is nicely aligned and with lots of rest it should heal and the fawn should do well.

The fawn will be back in 8 weeks for follow up x-rays to see if the leg is healed well enough to remove the plate. The metal attached to the bone can be problematic in the cold weather in the winter, causing pain and possible frostbite.

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