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Our Way of Giving Back

By January 26, 2023 Working With Wildlife

We have been working alongside Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge for almost 7 years now. We learned about Chantal Theijn and the work that she does with injured and sick wildlife when she reached out to the public searching for lab equipment. We had just upgraded our lab and had just the ticket! We were not able to do anything with our old equipment so we donated it to her. Since Dr. Lee has a keen interest in birds we decided to start working with Chantal. It’s been very exciting to work with the various wild birds that are brought to us. We have examined, diagnosed and treated hawks, eagles, owls, and loons among others for various ailments.

Some time after starting this endeavour we began treating various species of mammals and reptiles. Chantal has brought us fawns, beavers, porcupines, foxes, opossums, turtles and snakes to name a few that needed help. We have been able to forge a wonderful working relationship with Dr. Grant Scherer from Paris Veterinary Clinic who has been kind enough to donate his orthopedic skills in repairing fractures.  So far he has pinned and plated broken legs in a fawn, an owl, and a porcupine. Of course, we donate all of our time as well. For us it gives us a feeling of accomplishment and knowing that we are giving back through this extraordinary organization.

We will post pictures as cases come in, as well as some of our older ones.  There are lots of posts on our Facebook page, too.

You can find more information about Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge at

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