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June 2018

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Our Webstore

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Did you know that you can buy all of your pet supplies including food, litter, toys, leashes and accessories through the Scott Veterinary clinic web store? And even better, you can have them delivered to your door! 

Our web store offers all veterinary approved products and it is a great option for busy lives. Once you have registered, you need only to log in and place your order. You can also opt for auto order so that you don’t even have to do that. The program will place the order for you, at an interval you have selected, then we will email you when your order is available for pick up at the clinic, or it will be delivered to your home. Delivery is free on orders of  $100.00 or more. We have several clients who do not live near the clinic using this service who find it very convenient.

   All of the products, prescriptions and approvals are strictly controlled by our clinic. You are ordering directly from us but with the convenience of ordering “on-line”.

Our Web Store uses secure transaction and encryption technology. Security is immediately activated when you log in. No one can access your personal information transmitted over the web. All names and personal information in our database is encrypted and unreadable without the proper security passwords and is not given out to anyone.

The web store will often have promotions as well. Right now Royal Canin is offering a 10% discount on all auto orders. 

Why not sign up and have a look around? You will be surprised at what is available!