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February 2023

Fractured Fawn

By Working With Wildlife No Comments

This case dates back to May of 2020. This fawn was found by the side of the road presumably hit by a car. Another clinic was kind enough to do the initial radiographs that showed a mid-shaft, slight oblique fracture of the left tibia (the long bone in the lower half of the back leg). It looked like with some help this fawn had a good chance of being released.

We contacted Dr. Scherer at Paris Veterinary Clinic for his advice and he recommended surgery. He offered to come to our clinic to plate this leg as this was the best option for this fracture. The fawn was otherwise stable so we prepared for surgery.

The surgery consisted of screwing a plate to connect and stabilize the 2 bones, with the help of some cerclage wire. The post-op radiographs showed good bone alignment. We were hopeful for a full recovery.

On June 15th we re-x-rayed the leg. The plate appeared to have shifted somewhat and some screws had loosened so it wasn’t doing its job. Removal of the plate was somewhat risky at this point but it was a necessary risk. With R & R back at Hobbistee this little fellow healed well and was eventually released.